About Gabriel

My name is Gabriel Cziprusz. The goal of gabrielcziprusz.com is to present my work and showcase my technical skills to prospective employers.

I have a passion for taking user experience to the next level by creating interfaces using the latest tools and technologies and believe that a user-friendly interface is a major determinant of a successful software product.

I take great pride in my work and love contributing to a team of knowledgeable, friendly professionals who are eager to learn and master new things. I believe that empowered employees are one of the greatest potential assets a company can have. My goal is to work in a culture-driven environment where innovation, personal and professional development, fair business and growth are at the forefront.

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Below are some projects from my previous employers. Some of the Acxiom and ICF projects are not accessible to the public and cannot be shared.


Nexhib.it is a project management tool for a tradeshow and portable exhibit company. This project was created using Ruby on Rails and Postgres running on Heroku. The front end is composed of angular.js and a gantt chart library called dhtmlxgantt. Bootstrap is used as a style and component engine with static and user assets served from Amazon S3. nexhibit screenshot


Acxiom Audience Operating System Marketing Landing Page

This project was created to promote Acxiom's new marketing platform and to collect leads. The site is responsive and uses html5 boilerplate as a starting point. The page sections are anchored and can be accessed using a statically positioned top navigation menu using jQuery. The 1400 pixel wide content area is designed to be fluid and adapt to the users' screen size to provide an optimal experience on smaller screens. Cookies are used to keep track of returning visitors. The challenge with this project was integrating it with a platform called Marketo without compromising the look and functionality of the page.


Golden Nugget Responsive Splash Page

The responsive splash page was created to provide a friendly mobile experience for users booking a stay at a Golden Nugget property. The page uses CSS3 media queries to scale for smaller screens and to swap out the reservation links. A lightweight jQuery plugin called easySlider was used to create the background sliders.


Web Development Standards & Best Practices

An online resource was created describing our approach to development, best practices, and web standards. Our internal and external clients were the intended audience for this page.


U.S.-Brazil Joint Initiative on Urban Sustainability JIUS

This is an innovative website to catalyze public-private partnerships for investment in sustainable urban infrastructure and expanding markets for clean technology, products, and services. The site was developed using the latest front end technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery. The site's design is responsive, so the website is available on mobile devices and tablet computers.


RPM-web Redesign, National Cooperative Highway Research Program

NCHRP's online Research Performance Measure tool is a web application originally designed to assist state departments of transportation in gauging research effectiveness. The initial implementation of the tool was too complex; and therefore, ICF was hired to redesign the website to attract more users to the system. My responsibilities included designing parts of the database, implementing and configuring full text search using Apache Solr, implementing the authentication system, and handling all deployments.


SHRP C01 Web-application

This application was designed for the Strategic Highway Research Program 2 of the Transportation Research Board (TRB). My role in the project as a developer was to build a highly interactive web tool that educates researchers and transportation professionals about the new collaborative decision-making framework that ICF designed for the TRB. The web tool presents the framework and provides users with a diagnostic tool to determine how the framework can be used in specific projects. The ICF team developed the collaborative decision-making framework based on interviews and workshops with major transportation stakeholders including the Department of Transportation, the Federal Highway Administration, resource agencies, state transportation departments, and metropolitan planning organizations. ICF is also developing an IT tool to showcase the framework and educate practitioners for direct implementation. My focus was on developing controllers, views, and models, as well as adding dynamic functionality to the site's user interface.
Technologies used include Ruby on Rails, MySQL database, SOLR search engine, jQuery.


FFD Submission and Reporting System, Nuclear Regulatory Commission

The system was created for the NRC's Fitness-for-duty (FFD) program. The new system architecture was designed by myself with guidance from the Technical Director. The updated version has several new features, which allow drug & alcohol, fatigue, and annual report submissions. The redesigned submission system processes PDF forms by polling an inbox folder on the server, and then cleans and normalizes the data before inserting it into a relational database. A new email feature notifies users about potential submission issues. I also supported previous versions of this system and have a good understanding of the overall system architecture. Using my prototype, several reports were developed. My assistance with T-SQL queries to gather report data was a great opportunity to learn the FFD's database architecture. Technologies used include SQL Server 2008, Java, Spring Framework, Jasper Reports, XML.

Exemplum Suggested Products Module

The objective of the "Suggested Products Module" project was to design a new module for Exemplum's Flash demos which enables users to look at products related to the one they are currently viewing.

The flash component calls an aspx page using action script. The aspx class connects to a SQL-SERVER database and returns the related products using a stored procedure and a relationship algorithm. The aspx code writes the products to an XML document. The XML document is consumed by the Flash Demo and the related products are displayed to the user.

Screenshots and Video

  • The related products to Cranium are listed in the table on the right side.
  • The related products to Starwars are listed in the table on the right side.
  • The related products to Transformers are listed in the table on the right side.
  • The related products to Xmen are listed in the table on the right side.
  • Video Demostration of the application Interface
  • Video Demostration of the application functionality


I believe that the most important characteristics of a good web developer are curiosity, commitment to lifelong learning, the desire to improve, and the courage to experiment and make mistakes.

The skill list below is not an all inclusive list of technologies I have had the opportunity to work with, but rather my most recent favorites to solve web development problems.

I dont want to use sentences such as

"I have 5 years enterprise level JAVA experience"

Doesn't this sound like saying?

"I am a carpenter who knows how to use a hammer and has 5 years of experience with it."

Ruby on Rails






JS, jQuery





UI Engineer at Lonely Planet

Share my passion for web development as a team member, mentor, and leader in helping Lonely Planet become the best online companion to travelers all over the world.

Sr. Web Developer at Acxiom

Through my role at Acxiom, I gained insight about marketing campaigns and e-commerce. I had a chance to lead and contribute to projects outside of "just" development. Shortly after joining Acxiom, I created and led a Responsive Design user group, which provided a collaborative forum and a chance to "geek out" about new technical advancements. Contributing to my team's blog was a great way to stay current with the evolving web technology. I also served as a technical advisor, which was a great way to exercise leadership and have input into the implementation of projects. Apart from these leadership and advisory roles, I had a chance to write code and contributed to various projects for Fortune 500 clients ranging from the nation's biggest banks, airlines, logistics and insurance companies, technology firms and retail chains. Acxiom's new product, the Audiece Operating System (AOS) has the promise to change marketing forever. It couples Acxiom’s massive dataset with a new business intelligence ecosystem. The development of AOS is led by Dr. Phil Mui, previous product manager of Google Analytics. It was an incredible honor to support the marketing effort of this potentially groundbreaking product.

Web Developer at ICF International

ICF helped me get to the next level and gain experience with full life cycle projects in interesting domains. During my time at ICF, I have been a part of many good causes such as helping homeless resource agencies, supporting a joint U.S. Brazil urban sustainability effort, and assisting the Nuclear Regulatory Commission improve safety regulations. Through these projects, I was exposed to interesting technologies and frameworks such as: JAVA, Ruby on Rails, Groovy on Grails, C# ASP.NET MVC4, PHP, ColdFusion, HTML5, jQuery, CSS3, T-SQL,Pl-SQL.

Developer at Exemplum LLC.

As a part of Exemplum's web development team, I engineered ASP.NET, Flash, and Flex based applications for this online product marketing company based at the Virginia Tech corporate research center in Blacksburg, VA.

  • Developed a web-based application module using C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server, and XML to integrate with Flash front end applications and cross promote products, while adhering to current system restrictions
  • Designed proprietary T-SQL stored procedure to query related products from a SQL Server Database
  • Identified, troubleshot, and fixed errors in a C#, JavaScript, ASP.NET and SQL Server-based Proprietary Statistical Analytics tool
  • Proposed and implemented a new analytics reporting tool for Exemplum's Flash-based online demos.

Computer Lab Manager at Radford University

Supervised computer staff and IT equipment at a public university in Radford, VA.

  • Hired, trained, and supervised 25 Lab Proctors to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction
  • Created a PHP-based departmental training website
  • Maintained campus printers using Jetdirect HP's online printer monitoring system
  • Tested and evaluated new tablet, laptop, and desktop Images
  • Provided desktop support to end users for Windows XP and Vista environments
  • Installed and upgraded computer hardware and software

Web Administrator at Ruritan National

Administered a PHP-based website for a non-profit community service organization located in Dublin, VA.

  • Edited a PHP-based website according to client requests
  • Added new content, and upgraded web graphics and navigation
  • Implemented web analytics
  • Fixed Cross Browser Issues
  • Expanded page functionality with new features (ie events calendar)

Service Desk Specialist at Echostar/WildBlue LLC.

Assisted end users with satellite internet connection problems for a Fortune 300 company in Christiansburg, VA

  • Educated users about satellite internet equipment such as DOCSIS cable modem
  • Troubleshot connectivity issues on various operating systems including Win XP, MAC OS, Vista
  • Configured Operating Systems for TCP/IP, DHCP
  • Set-up browsers for required satellite internet settings including IE, Mozilla, Safari, Opera